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Raxus Blackheart

copper-black dragonborn paladin, level 2

I am sworn by the Gods of Light to protect the Planesweaver.

~2 Prince of Shadows

+5 bodyguard of Doku Death Shadow - black dragon, underworld boss of the Shadow Syndicate in Drakkenhall, bearer of Dream Cleaver (the Archmage's magic crown)

+1 Priestess

+3 acolyte-repentant under Sister Calcetta, keeper of the Hopewell shrine outside of the port town of Queensgate where the elf wood meets the Midland Sea, during the years of chaotic and destructive Planestides

STR +3 CON +2 DEX +2/4 WIS +0 INT -1 CHA +2
17 15 14 10 8 14
+10/+8 +9/+7 +9/+7 +7/+5 +6/+4 +9/+7

AC 21 | PD 14 | MD 13 - HP 43/50

Recoveries: 2d10+2 | 7/8

Bold: +1 to defenses vs demon, devil, dragon, or undead (choose 1 at arc start). Immune to fear abilities and to any non-damage effects of attacks named or described as fear attacks. (112b)
Death Domain: +1 to death saves for me/allies (86b)
Kit: heavy steel plate armor, shield bearing symbol of Doku Death Shadow


Force Bolt Longsword: +6 v AC - 2d8+4

** Miss: 2 | Bold: +1 attack if enemy not engaged with ally; +1 more vs demon, devil, dragon, or undead (choose 1 at arc start). | Smite, 3/4: +4 attack, +7 damage, don't expend on miss; 1/battle, before rolling, spend a nearby ally's recovery to crit on hit (112b)

Force bolt: +9 vs. PD - 1d8 x esc +1

arc/desperate | close-quarters | quick (456b)
Target: One nearby enemy you've hit with this weapon this battle.

Heavy Crossbow: +4 v AC - 2d8+2

Miss: 0

Acid Breath: +4 vs PD - 10 acid

kin power | 1x/battle | close-quarters | quick (35b)

Harmful Hands

Evil Way | 1x/battle | close-quarters | quick
spend recovery to deal that much unholy damage (113b)


Lay on Hands

close-quarters, 1/2/arc, quick - Heal self or ally with a touch. You spend recovery. If ally, add x2 Cha mod (at 5th, x4; 8th, x8).

Death Domain

Each battle, the first time an ally near you becomes staggered, that ally immediately heals hit points equal to five times your level.

Campaign Notes

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2024-06-13 #06: A Dead Douche, but Raxus's Dead Douche

We continued by canoe down the Goldleaf River. Where the river bent north, we planned to leave the water to continue overland, east toward Bizzy Brambles and the Intrepid Hills.

But there at the bend, we met Arvax the Douche, Raxus's jealous associate from Doku Death Shadow days. (We first met Arvax when he demanded The Cursed's weapon.) Arvax and his crew had embargoed the river and were searching all boats, looking for us and the Lightning Greaves. No one was in the mood to skulk around this lowlife, so we went straight for the docks, where he was peacocking astride a mongoose mount.

Arvax, his mongoose, two giant spiders, and 10 archers immediately attacked us. (Everyone rolled like babies but finally Artemis's cannon went off.) When we killed Arvax and his archers, the beasts scattered.

Then Raxus fished Arvax's body from the river, defiled it by scalping Arvax's dragonborn crest, looted the two Shadow Syndicate rank markers he carried (his own, and Raxus's first), spit acid in his dead eye, then gave him a proper, honorable burial because - as Artemis, said - Arvax might have been a douche, but he was Raxus's douche.

Also, Endra planted Dragonsbane in Arvax's wounds before burial. #druidhumor

Finally, Raxus sent a message via shadows to Doku Death Shadow, using his old rank marker. "Arvax attacked me twice. He's dead." Doku's answer to his unspoken question - "WTF?" - will come in time, thanks to a Prince of Shadows benefit.

Arvax also carried a signet heirloom, one with only deeply sentimental value. How did he come to possess it? We don't know. Who did it belong to? Bizzy Brambles. Boy is Bobby gonna be mad!

2024-05-23 #05: For the Queen

We made our way down the Goldleaf River in our newly bought canoes, lead by Thaddaeus the river guide. A Santa Cora native, he had a telltale ouroboros bicep tattoo of a winged angelic snake, that promised Raxus he was a trustworthy follower of the Priestess. Old Town authorities had watched us leaving the city and embarking on the river. They interfered with neither us nor the Rustlers behind us. "They were bought," Thaddaeus said.

We followed the river southeast, deeper into the Queen's Wood, toward a confluence where we might begin to uncurse Endra's shillelagh, on our way to Bobbin's family. Many never returned from seeking that magical place, Thaddaeus told us.

The river widened into a bog, filled with dead and cursed trees. A foul miasma choked us. Bobbin spotted a green crystal near the shore, the seeming source of it. He shot it with a single arrow. It disappeared. The miasma jetted into the sky, and the air was clear again. But Thaddaeus seemed to have noticed only fog, nothing more.

As we approached the confluence we sought, we found another foul fog in the river canyon. Artemis conjured light elementals to aid our search. And finding the river branch, we traveled up it, to a kind of stone garden in a cylindrical canyon - a blessed place but tainted.

Then the green crystal rose before us, and three spiders attacked. Raxus hewed one spider, and Bobbin, finally clearheaded, shattered the crystal with a glancing blow. The other two spiders, released from the crystal's control, fled.

Then the Elf Queen arrived. She thanked us: she'd been blocked from traveling here or even being aware of this place for an age. But just now it called to her and she came. She took an interest in Artemis's wand, saying it "matters more than the Greaves." She warned us to keep them separate and not to store them together. She said she was seeking her own lost magic item: the Armor of Shards of Ice. All the major icons had a signature item, she told us, and the Archmage stole them to summon the Plane of Light. "Keep an eye on us," Artemis asked her. She agreed and granted us each one uncursed magic item.

After she left, Endra thrust her shillelagh into a magical rock. And the shillelagh told her a name, the name of the person she had to kill to break the curse: Speagol, an evil follower of the Priestess.

We spent icon benefits to:

The session ended with invitations to take a full heal-up and an incremental and choose a magic item (uncursed!) and run it past our GM.

2024-05-16 #04: Fleeing Old Town

In the Old Town elven tree cathedral, we participated in a ritual for kids. Then Artemis felt his wand moving. It was pointing and pulling in a direction. When he and Raxus let it lead them out of the cathedral, it pointed to a house across the street. Some 20 Rustlers were branding it. In moments, they broke down the door and dragged Mishra outside.

We attacked the Rustlers, 4 thugs and 16 goblins. But Endra was pummeled by her shillelagh's curse, and Artemis's magic failed him. Then a huge brass dragon bearing Richard Scrotes slammed into the cathedral and began torching it.

With a powerful blast, Urza emerged from Mishra's house, bearing the Lightning Greaves. He announced that Artemis's wand--a wand prepared for the Archmage that nevertheless eluded him when he wanted it most--wanted the Greaves. Urza insisted we take the Greaves and flee to Bizzy Brambles, while he, Mishra, Urza, and Glunch held off the cursed the Rustlers. So that's what we did.

We spent icon benefits to:

2024-05-02 #03: Hopewell Hostel hearth

When we arrived, a ship was burning in Queensgate harbor, branded by the Rustlers, with a disemboweled dwarf strung up on the bow. The dwarf was Angus, a friend of Keef and fellow magic item curser. Akimbo, the old lady in the harbor, said the Rustlers asked Angus where the Lightning Greaves were before they killed him.

Raxus led the way to a hostel (Priestess benefit) by the Hopewell shrine, where he knew we could stay and likely learn more. The way was blessed and protected, and in this holy aura, Raxus became cheerful and generous - more like Mou5e. But at the shrine, in the presence of Sister Calcetta, he became nervous and submissive.

Bobby drew healing potions (High Druid benefit) for everyone from the spring that fed the Hopewell. Endra planted mushroom spores.

Sister Calcetta said, in Drakkenhall, Doku Death Shadow and Bizzy, Bobby's mom, clashed and Bizzy was injured but would recover. When pressed by the Sister, Bobby declared that his current loyalty to us and duty to Keef the innkeep outweighed his desire to return to his mom.

At the hostel, we shared stories around the hearth. First among them, Raxus told a story Angus told him years ago when Raxus served at the shrine and Angus came occasionally to repent for his crimes against magic items. It was about a shillelagh Angus cursed, the juggling of flaming shillelaghs, which ended with an unexpected disappearance. A good time was had by all trading stories and enjoying the comradery.

We also learned:

In the morning, we left for Old Town, fairly certain the Rustler's gang was headed there too. Along the way, we found the Queen's Wood growing over the road, a sure sign of danger. And in fact, the four survivors of the gang who killed Angus attacked us.

During the battle, Endra was saved from certain death by the timely intervention of the Queen's Wood itself (High Druid benefit). And Fluffy was killed but resurrected when Artemis prayed desperately to the Priestess (Lich King benefit). And so we prevailed. We tried negotiating with the deadly half orc leader after killing the other three, but he refused to surrender so Raxus smote his head from his body.

Level up to 2.

2024-04-25 #02: Arvax & Endra the Cursed

The soldier, Georg, was a low-level thug who told us about his crew's camp outside of town. On the way there, we encountered Arvax - a dragonic of the Shadow Syndicate who's been jealous of Raxus since Raxus was promoted to Doku Death Shadow's guard and Arvax wasn't.

Arvax demanded the magic item Endra carried, looted from The Cursed in last session's fight. But when Endra threw it on the ground at Arvax's feet, its cocoon of vines split open and, showing itself as a shillelagh, called to Endra. She snatched it up and took on the curse. Arvax signaled archers and had Georg killed. Then I called the archers off with an icon benefit with the Prince of Shadows - complicated! Arvax and his kobold crew attacked but we overwhelmed them easily. We let them flee, all but one dead kobold.

At Dapper Dan's camp outside of town, we negotiated with the crew. Bobby gave leader, Lucas, papers for the crew to get work with his mom in the Intrepid Hills. Then we sailed to Queensgate on our way to find Mishra - an old associate of Keef the innkeep, who runs a safehouse in Old Town.

Other info:

2024-04-18 #01: Dapper Dan is dead

Killed Dapper Dan's crew when they came for Keef the innkeep. Keef's real name is Glunch. He's a sorcerer forced by Priestess and other icons to curse magic items in the old camps. The Lightning Greaves were too powerful to curse. Nolak is working with the Prince of Shadows and is after the Greaves. Keef doesn't know where they are. Our plan:

I used three icon benefits to connect with Brother Moors, of Sister Calcetta's order; the brother gave Raxus info on Nolak, kept the Shadow Syndicate out of the way, and gave two runes. Also Doku Death Shadow has a complicated relationship with the Prince of Shadows.

2024-04-11 #00: Rustlers hassle Keef

Well-dressed man (Dapper Dan) with an eye-patch who works for Nolak - leader of the Rustlers, a ruthless and effective magic item hunting gang from Horizon/Red Wastes - shook down Keef the innkeep and will be back tomorrow.


The Archmage, hungry for power and control, tried to summon the Plane of Light - a chaotic place of powerful elemental beasts and energy - with arcane items and artifacts. But Titansbane gave their lives to stop him. After their costly victory, an icon set up camps to collect and decommission the vanquished Archmage's arcanities. Now the Plane of Light hangs visibly in the heavens. Arcane magic and arcane magic users are rare; no schools of magic remain. The old camps are abandoned. Competing gangs clash over magic items. Also, Broodkin Riven, so innocent.

13th Age 1e Matt's Fallen Magic Campaign