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Heartland Justice: Session Notes

Session Notes: 0, 1, 2, 3
the Heroes: Heartland Justice
Factions: AEGIS | City of Chicago | PDG | SkumTech
Maps: relationships | key locations
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2024-06-06: Playing Politics and also maybe God

Sanctuary Surprise

FLASHBACK: Outranked

Guard duty at the Inter-Dimensional Rift

at Giordano's with Agent Rayburn

PR quid pro quo

Abed in the River


2024-05-09: Heartwarming Disaster

Lecture with Robbery footage

Mandatory Leadership Training

Void's AEGIS system training

with shields, you have access to the AEGIS computer system—makes you put your hands in science goo, but there's an app and a web log in too—in the system you can:

Solving Crimes

Vision Pros


3/28/24: Heartland Justice!

AEGIS recognition ceremony

purpose: celebrating your victory, awarding you “shields”—giving you higher status within AEGIS (earlier than usual), but even more, assuring public everything is OK, reinforcing narrative that X acted alone


team goes to a Lightning family safehouse to celebrate; Abed steals a Lightning motorcycle and rides to Wisconsin, where he gets a call from his mom—X stans doxxed Abed on Twitter, Abed’s mom forced to flee apartment, AEGIS Family Protection Program takes action, Abed does not go to her

the Supe

team goes to the Supe, the supers club in Boys Town

getting into CU

team somewhat drunk goes to AEGIS HQ to interrogate X themselves at like 2am

interrogating X

team talks to X, who is a smug asshole


3/21/24: X

team’s backstory

Mayor’s campaign event

the villain, X
the villain, X