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Heartland Justice: the Heroes

from the files of Nadine Bass, AEGIS HR director

Blink Lightning | the Glint | el Luchador | Clarke the Bear | Eagle Eye
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Real name: Miles Murphy
Age: 17

AEGIS appointed him to be team lead of Heartland Justice
next generation of storied Super Family, the Lightnings

connections with other heroes:

  • Abed saw him shaming his legacy
  • he trusts Lizzy and shared with her about his legacy

Playbook: the Legacy
Player: Sean

the Glint

Real name: Abed
Age: 19

a font of barely-controlled cosmic power

connections with other heroes:

  • hangs out with Diego
  • hurt Lizzy when he lost control

Playbook: the Nova
Player: Hans

el Luchador

Real name: Diego Garcia Hernandez
Age: 19

soon his cursed mask, the source of his powers, will consume him

connections with other heroes:

  • told Abed about his doom
  • would love to kiss Lizzy

Playbook: the Doomed
Player: Chris

Clarke the Bear

Real name: Addison
Age: 18

once normal but now a monstrous imitation of the Cubs mascot

  • Miyagi, the Wrigley groundskeeper and Cubs bear-cub-keeper, is helping him understand his new body

connections with other heroes:

  • Diego comforted him when he was at his lowest
  • Abed knew him before he changed

Playbook: the Transformed
Player: Tandy

Eagle Eye

Real name: Lizzy McMurry

no superpowers, just happy to be here

  • parents divorced, Dad an enthusiastic supporter of Patton for mayor
  • Franklin, her art teacher, is against her supering

connections with other heroes:

the slap may prove costly

Playbook: the Beacon
Player: Matt